Before you step out into the market, or if you are already out there, knowing your market is critical to your success. That includes knowing how the market perceives the value of your products and services and the quality by which you will provide them. This market perception impacts your pricing as well as your business' longevity. Unfortunately, a significant number of small business owners have not performed any type of market research, often to their peril.


We provide you with the initial feasibility analysis and market research for your business to include in-depth research on your industry, local market, and state and regional markets. We perform market surveys and polls, at your request, to determine how your product or service is positioned in the marketplace.  Then we find the areas where your product or service will best thrive and maximize your revenue.


Whether before stepping out into the market or if you are already out there, a second step is required to know your market.  This is also critical to your business' success. You must at least know who your competitors are and must understand the basic information concerning them.  That includes knowing who they are, how long they've been in business, where they are located, their revenue and market share, and if possible, their brand recognition and value proposition.  These elements of your competitor research provide you with the basic information needed to understand your competitive landscape so that you can begin to determine the best competitor analytics to track, in order to provide the best picture of your business adversaries.   Regrettably, a critical number of small business owners have not performed any type of competitor research, or they have performed a very shallow level of competitor research, often to their peril.


We provide you with competitor research for your business to include in-depth research on your competitors, their strengths and weaknesses, their structure and their revenues, as well as their target markets and verticals that they service.  We create this competitor research to determine how your competitors shape the marketplace.  Then we determine the actions necessary to position your business to maximize your revenue and market share.


It is imperative that you monitor and track your business' direction, speed, and progress as it advances through time.  More importantly, you need to understand whether your company is traveling toward your desired business goals and objectives.   The best way, and in some cases the only way, to do this is using business, management, marketing, and other analytics.  Furthermore, in order to determine where your business is going, and how long it will take to get there, these analytics must be predictive and not just mere forecasts.  Mere forecasts only provide you a picture of your future in a perfect world and we all know that a perfect world very rarely exists.  Predictive analytics provides you a picture of your future based on your most probable current and future environments.  This gives you a more realistic view, instead of a utopian view, of your business' future that is to come.  Regrettably, a significant number of small business owners have not created any type of predictive analytics, often to their peril.


We provide you with predictive analytics for your business that gives you with the most probable impacts of market forces upon your industry, local market, and state and regional markets.  Then we provide strategies so that your business will best thrive and can maximize your revenue.


One of the market forces that has the greatest impact upon your business is Your Competitors. How your customers perceive your competition and their products and services determines whether they will buy your products or services. This is not a passive event. Your competition performs actions in their marketing designed to acquire your customers and potential customers through action, or counter-action, and to influence the market to purchase their goods and services over yours. And when you are unaware of their actions, they are stealing your customers right from under your nose. Regrettably, by the time you become aware of this, your competition has already damaged your market position. Alternatively, when you are aware of your competition's actions to take your customers, and you have a series of actions to counter their actions and prevent this, your business gains significant market share and secures its position in the market place.


We provide this protection using predictive analysis.


Basic business documents are the foundation that legitimizes your business and establish the protection of your personal assets. Unfortunately, many businesses are currently operating without these important documents and the business owner will not find out their importance until litigation occurs. When that happens, it will be too late to protect their personal assets.


We develop these documents for you so that your personal assets, your business position, and your future are protected.


The formation of your business is important because it determines whether your business will reach your desired goals and when it will reach them. Your business formation will also determine if your personal assets will be protected in event of litigation, and the extent to which they will be detected. Many business owners form their business based upon the models of others they know; however, this is most likely a big mistake. Your business should be formed based on you and your specific situation, goals and business conditions.


Let us use our 360-degree methodology to help you determine the commercial formation that best fits you and your business.


Your Business Model describes how your business creates, delivers, and captures value from the market. Your Business Model can cause your business' success or can doom your business to failure. Many business owners don't pay attention to the details of their business model while others don't even know what it is. Many business owners borrow or template their business model from similar businesses that appear to be successful; however, this is dangerous because the business model they template may not adequately fit their particular business situation or conditions. This results in them generating thousands of dollars of income less than they could or, even worse, it results in business failure.


We provide robust, comprehensive Business Model design to maximize your revenue and minimize the potential for failure.


Your Business and Marketing Strategies are critical to the current and future success of your business. It details your business' operations and direction as well as when to change these aspects of your business. Without a Business and Marketing Strategy, failure is inevitable.


We develop comprehensive, predictive, quantitative business strategies that guide your business through uncertain futures, reduce uncertainty related to financial risk, and maximize the success of your business.


Business Plans are critical to the success or failure of any organization. These plans guide your business and drive funding for your company. Marketing plans are just as important in that they detail who your business will put its message out to the market. An effective marketing plan will provide you and your business with the guidance necessary to get the best return on your market dollars.


We develop and write comprehensive, predictive, quantitative Business Plans that are financed ready and Marketing Plans that generate demand for your products and services by driving customers to your business.



Your Business and Management Analytic are the stethoscope and MRIs of your company that tells you the actual health of your firm.  They can tell you if your company is really successful and if your business will actually head off of a cliff in the future.  With Business and Management Analytics, you can look up under the hood of your business and determine the appropriate corrections to make before your business is negatively impacted by upcoming conditions or events.  This will significantly reduce your business' chances of failure.  The problem is many business owners either are looking at the wrong analytics, incomplete analytics, or no analytics at all.  This puts their business in peril and keeps it there.


We can assist by developing the right comprehensive and predictive analytics that provide you with in-depth visibility of your business so that your business can weather any event and thrive in any condition.


Many businesses do not understand the requirements for funding, so they base their preparation on what they know, or what they are told.  Unfortunately, this leads to the vast majority of businesses not obtaining the funding they desire.  Additionally, those that do understand the lender's requirements for funding their business most often fail as they do not really understand the lender and their lending philosophy.  This makes failure in funding inevitable.


We work with each lender to ensure that we understand each financier's lending philosophy and requirements so that our clients address each of these.  This places our clients in the optimal position to secure the funding they desire.  This allows us to enjoy a 96% success rate in getting our clients funded.  We work with businesses of all types and in all industries and look forward to assisting you and your firm with your funding requirements.   We also recommend funders and financing brokers for businesses that are ready for funding.




Is your business receiving all of the revenues it can from your sales and marketing efforts?  Many business owners believe that a website alone is the key to marketing their business and reaching their maximum desired total of business prospects and leads.  Unfortunately, this is just not the case.  To achieve this desired total revenue, companies must employ a sales funnel or a sales and marketing funnel, and for this funnel to be effective and inexpensive, it must be automated.  Furthermore, to attract the optimal number of desired clients, you must develop and employ the appropriate funnel strategy or your funnel will become a waste of time and a waste of money.  Just to give you an idea of the result of an effective funnel, studies have shown that effective sales funnels or sales and marketing funnels have increased company revenues by over 39% over a three month period.


We provide funnel development services, funnel design and strategy development services, funnel automation services, as well as funnel consulting services that offer you and your business with effective sales funnels, and sales and marketing funnels.  These increase your prospects and leads, and thereby increase your revenues so that your business can thrive and grow in any commercial environment.

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