We provide a selection of general and specific services for businesses and organizations that increase revenue and market share and help them grow.  They include the following:


Most Businesses Fail Without A Strategy

Your Business and Marketing Strategies are critical to the current and future success of your business. It details your business' operations and direction as well as when to change these aspects of your business. Without a Business and Marketing Strategy, failure is inevitable.


We develop comprehensive, predictive, quantitative business strategies that guide your business through uncertain futures, reduce uncertainty related ot financial risk, and maximize the success of your business. Then we write Business Plans that are finance ready and Marketing Plans that generate demand for your products and services by driving customers to your business.


Most Businesses Lose Money Here and Don't Realize It

In most small businesses, the business owners do not really pay attention to performance analytics of the of their businesses other than revenue, expenses, income, profit, number of customers and market share.    Most do not look at cost/benefit, return of asset, return of investment, and other very important measures of current and future performance.  Additionally, they do not pay attention to the performance of their processes where potentially significant amounts of money quietly leaks through the system in the forms of inefficiencies, and  other negative aspects.

We provide avenues to comprehensive, predictive, quantitative analysis of your business processes and procedures, as well as strategies that eliminate future inefficiencies (hidden and visible), reduce uncertainty related to financial risk, and maximize the present and future success of your business. We partner with additional business process experts and develop Business Process Plans that provide critical insights into your processes and help optimize your processes and procedures to allow your business to generate the maximum revenues, profits, and market share.


We Use A Comprehensive Predictive Approach

Many Businesses fail because the business owners and managers make their decisions based upon facts and near-term metrics and conditions they can see.  Unfortunately, the early indicators that a business is in peril and endanger of failure are in many of the lesser known, higher level longer term  analytics.  These analytics are more than mere forecasts.  They are predictive in nature which allows the decision makers to see the most probable future conditions and to make their decisions with these less visible future conditions in mind. Having and understanding these analytics results in the ability to take advantage of the opportunities these future conditions present while your competitors are scrambling while trying to figure out how to survive these conditions.  The outcome for your business is greater market share, greater revenues, and greater longevity for your company.

We develop predictive, analytics for your business to provide certainty in uncertain times and significantly reduce the risk of failure.  We use high-level math and quantitative modeling tools to perform predictive analysis and other analysis so that you can take advantage of any economic or business condition.


We Prepare Your Business For Funding Then Get You Financed

Many business owners that need funding for their companies believe their ideas and services are enough to get them funded.  They further believe that all they need is a good business plan is all they need for funding.  Nothing can be further from the truth.  Although a business plan with pro forma financial forecasts are required for most SBA loans, or other commercial loans, they are not the only requirement.  Additionally, businesses applying for funding or that require investors must be able to ensure they meet other requirements the lender or investor has to include personal credit (if the business is a startup) or business credit for established businesses, revenue projects or actual revenue, marketshare projections or actual marketshare, and insurance just to name a few.  Financial institutions and investors are looking for funding opportunities with as little risk as possible.  Unfortunately, most business owners do not see lending from the perspective of the financiers.  This leaves blindspots that the financiers sees as critical but the business owner does not address. 


We prepared businesses for funding and guide them through the funding process.  With our portfolio of banks, alternative lenders, and angel investors we are able to prepare your business for financing or investing.  We enjoy an over 96% success rate in getting our clients funded.  Why not let us help you and your businest funded so that your business can grow.



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